Most people understand the concept of branded material. It is a common sight at any company event or trade show or just about anywhere. Since it has become so commonplace, many people have brushed it under the rug and deemed it the “ugly duckling” to print and electronic marketing.

While this reputation has stuck for some people, we’re here to tell you that promotional items can be just as, if not more valuable as the blog you just wrote, or the social media strategy you developed. Here’s why –

The Fact

Did you know that six in 10 consumers will keep promotional products for up to two years? What’s more, if you can develop a promotional campaign that consists of items that consumers deem useful, of good quality and to have a long life-span, this item that you’ve given out could be physically traveling with the consumer, creating a walking advertisement for your brand. Not only will the consumer have it with them, potentially catching another prospect’s eye, they will be more likely to start conversations about your product or even your brand.

Anyone who runs a business is always striving to gain awareness of their brand. With promotional products, you create a direct link to your branding and your offerings. By gifting a useful item to your prospects or existing clients, you can not only win brownie points in their book, but with the right item, you can also establish yourself as a presence in their daily life.

The Struggle

As great as they are promotional items are not without their challenges. There is a low barrier to entry for branded items, meaning mostly any company can slap their name on a pen and hand it out to everyone they see. Second, many promotional campaigns are not focused on target consumers and do not account for the lifecycle.

You will need to get creative, considering the market for these products is so saturated and readily available. This is where we come in, adding a promotional product to the media mix increases the effectiveness of other media by up to 44 percent. >>SageWorld April 2015

As shown in the cited article above, mugs, bags and wearables are among the most widely used and effective promotional items. These are simple selections that can add a huge amount of value to your campaigns.

The End Products

So whatever your final choice may be, make sure it has a sustainable and useful life. We often present to our clients a highly useful and retail-looking item that is discretely and tastefully decorated so that they don’t feel as though they have been made into a billboard or a messenger. Always remember the best branding is done subtlety, you only have to look at the world’s biggest brands for proof!

A targeted, quality product, means user retention and ongoing promotion into the future. Our advice will ensure you get the best bang for your buck!

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